The School: Bad Boy Is A Daddy

The School: Bad Boy Is A Daddy

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Names and Places in this story are made up (well I hope they are anyways lmao). I didn't want to try and look about info on places I had never been too bare with me and my over active imagination lol...Oh and please let me know what you think so far!




You Know You Love Me 

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Celeste Taylor was your average school nerd. But, according to her friends she was the hottest nerd to ever grace the halls of Hilton Valley High in the middle of Hilton Valley, Arizona. She didn't try to stand out. Didn't try to be popular or really associate with those who were. She never strayed from her little circle of friends. They had grown up together and she felt a whole lot more comfortable around them than anyone else. 

Celeste wasn't shy though she preferred to 'have her nose stuck in the books' as her friends called it. She didn't go out to parties every weekend like most people in her school. It wasn't really her scene and on...

emmalygrace emmalygrace Jun 15
Love it already nate should be ricky off of the secret life of the american teenager
SylveonEx SylveonEx Jan 16
Is there a song about this? I feel like there is one similar to this.
Kolita_30 Kolita_30 Jan 25
Pst *whispers* "I'll give you a headstart...Her name is-"
                              *get's cutoff by the author pulling me away from the book"
                              *muffled cries*
                              -HELP!! HELP!!! HER NAME IS-
                              *Knocked out by some stink thing*
Oh god, i thought this was the first chapter lol still amazing tho
monstermahyem monstermahyem Oct 14, 2016
wow so...... original i thinks this is going to be a good book
HanaPariyan HanaPariyan Sep 05, 2016
Nah it's chill. XD 
                              I always make places up in my stories XD