"Can I Steal Love?" ( Ongoing!!!)

"Can I Steal Love?" ( Ongoing!!!)

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Charlene/ Cha-cha/minami aoi/ seong shin ah/ samdelapascua By sara_claire Updated May 11, 2014

I can never know love.

Can never experience love.

Can never say those three words that can penetrate someone's heart for a possible romance.

And can NEVER. EVER. Feel that warmth of being loved in return.

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sara_claire sara_claire Aug 10, 2012
@vanessa2k12 hopefully my friend,,,,,:* thanks for reading this! :">....and Take care wherever you are!! :)
Beautylicious_reader Beautylicious_reader Aug 10, 2012
this looks like its going to be a  very interesting book can't want to read more :)
StephenEgan StephenEgan Aug 10, 2012
Haha, you have so many stories on the go, this is very interesting, definitely want to read more :)
sara_claire sara_claire Aug 10, 2012
@DBeautifuldisaster ahaha ate! ^^ try ko po kaya lang isip parin ako ng better ideas,,,,lol
                              @kendeeglayce No problems Kendee! ahaha! Of course youre not mistaken,,,sayo talaga dedicated ahaha! Thank youu....;)
kendeeglayce kendeeglayce Aug 10, 2012
@sara_claire whooo!!! super love it! thanks for dedicating it too me if im not mistaken ahaha.. love you sara claire:*
DBeautifuldisaster DBeautifuldisaster Aug 10, 2012
whoa!! very cryptic trailer ah!!  updates na! ;)) vacation naman eh.. ahaha