The Love I Never Had: Broken Family

The Love I Never Had: Broken Family

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Caitlin2Ysabelle By Caitlin2Ysabelle Updated Jun 06

"I was broken, but you fixed me..."

Home. A place where I am deeply rooted, a place where everything started and where beautiful memories are made, A place where everything should be at peace and in order only to find out that it is also a place of chaos, destruction, and misery. A place where everything fell apart.

I thought it was the safest place on earth, but I was mistaken... It was a treacherous place that made me being doubtful and broken. My heart and soul are screaming implicitly because of the mess and havoc around me. 

Home... That's what I would describe it-- A place where uncertainties are certain thus, no one gets a happy ending. Nothing in my life has ever gone right until I found you.

You healed my shattered heart.

A/N: This is the first book in "The Love I Never Had" Book series. Hope you all enjoy!

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