Loneliness (Musings and Mistresses #1)

Loneliness (Musings and Mistresses #1)

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Let's imagine that TWICE are not the famous K-pop girl group but a group of nine friends that are on a journey to their dream of a lifetime. Let's also imagine that they're sent to America. No, not to promote their latest comeback, but for a holiday.

After a lot of work, they deserve it, right?

What they have to take into account, however, is that they'll meet nine girls like them. However, they don't seem friendly at all; instead, war is going to brew soon. 

The point is, these spoiled divas proclaim themselves TWICE's new rivals. How will they react?

[This is the first book of the Musings and Mistresses series. It's highly advisable to read this book before the others and to read them all in order as they're not stand-alones.]

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