【hackergirl】 ハッカーガール || [ legend of zelda x lego ninjago x super mario ]

【hackergirl】 ハッカーガール || [ legend of zelda x lego ninjago x super mario ]

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🌏earthsauce™️🌏 By ClazeyJ Updated Dec 22, 2019

As its only heiress alive, you're the current princess on the throne in Isle Delfino, the birthplace of the Earth's light.

The day before your eighteenth birthday, you're met with a grave warning from your advisors. Your estranged father, the Overlord, is awakening from his dormant state, and he's out to conquer not just Earth, but all other worlds in the Sixteen Realms.

Along the path to defeating him, you'll be met with all sorts of challenges, trials and tests, from the perils of scorching deserts to the noise of busy streets. You thought you were ready...

...but you never thought the biggest trouble of them all would be in the form of an anonymous vigilante who goes by the name Hackergirl.

So join Mario, Link, Lloyd, Peach, Zelda, Misako, Bowser, Ganondorf, Garmadon and a whole shit-ton of other homies in this grotesque adventure/romance/fantasy/sci-fi/action fanfiction with enough references and tributes to other video games, cartoons, celebrities and our ogrelord that you'll be shocked this isn't a Smash fanfiction with extra steps!

- - -

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