Inferior (An Eric/Diesel Fanfiction)

Inferior (An Eric/Diesel Fanfiction)

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Inferior- lower in place or position; closer to the bottom or base

That is what Diesel is. She was an Abnegation. Abnegation is where she got the inferior definition. But will Dauntless change that? 

Diesel has never been selfless, never. She couldn't have been born in the most wrong faction. She was a polar opposite of people around her.

Until she takes the biggest risk. She jumps off the deep end... Wait, no. She jumps off the building and becomes Dauntless. As she has always known she was meant to be.

Diesel then meets Eric. A Dauntless Leader. He is exactly the opposite of inferior. He is an intimidating, cruel, keep-to-himself. 

Will she become anything besides inferior? Something like Eric?

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TheyCallMeCheetos TheyCallMeCheetos Jan 13, 2016
Well.. I guess you don't know this, but he transfered from Erudite. You would call him a knows. A play on 'nose' because they are nosey.