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5 Seconds Of Summer || Preferences

5 Seconds Of Summer || Preferences

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Ancient History By 5Sauce_xx Updated Jun 29, 2016

5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences

5secondsofhp13 5secondsofhp13 Jun 08, 2016
I love how all of them are all cute like "he kisses you" or "he tickles you" and then there's Mikey's... "He hits you with a pillow" XD
UpTownFunk2234 UpTownFunk2234 May 19, 2016
This is why I like Michael we're practically the same person
michaelsleftnipple michaelsleftnipple Nov 25, 2016
1. My mouth would be open
                              2. Snoring into his mouth 
                              3. Morning breath
AnaVargas4 AnaVargas4 Jul 12, 2015
I can so see him do this. like a little anime boy with the annoyed symbol on his head as he stares at you and groans hitting you with a pillow and whining saying SHHUTT UPPP
Ashtonslilpikachu Ashtonslilpikachu Jun 11, 2015
I HATE when people take my headphones gaahhh!! but if Ashton did it I might not mind
serendipitouslyyours serendipitouslyyours Mar 04, 2015
I would've killed anyone who took my headphones or my phone. Whoa.