All Boys Boarding School And One Girl

All Boys Boarding School And One Girl

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Greysy By snuglybear17 Updated Jan 07, 2013


           			  AND ONE GIRL

	"Hey Claire?!" my mom called from downstairs. "What?" I said as I came downstairs. "Hey you remember your great grandfather owns one of the best boarding school's in the state"? 

"Yes, why are you asking?" I said.

"Well Claire umm... it's an All Boys Boarding School..."

"Okay mom, so...? Why are you telling me this?"

"Claire your uncle made us an offer and your going there tonight so pack up your things your flight will be leaving at 2-"

"WHAT?!!!" I yelled she must be crazy I can't just go to school with all boys is she going nuts. Well here is the thing my name is Claire Melanie Rose and I just recently turned 17 years old I have black hair that goes to the half of my back I am 5'6 which I consider tall for a girl I have curves and according to everyone at school I'm HOT but I am a little bit shy so I ignore them but not because I'm shy because like I said it's a tiny bit its because they're jerks .My moms name is Marry Ro...

AliGemma AliGemma Dec 30, 2016
That was a hell of a lot of info in one paragraph bloody hell
x_oluchi_x x_oluchi_x Aug 26, 2016
This is happening wwwwaaayyyy to quickly. Like they just met a day ago and their already in love😕
clairafaye_ clairafaye_ Dec 28, 2016
Am I the only one that read Romeo and Juliet at the door 
                              Yes ok then
snuglybear17 snuglybear17 Feb 13, 2013
@SmileyFaceGal their wasn't any more room in the school that's why, and besides that's part of the story line you'll see why as the story goes on.
snuglybear17 snuglybear17 Feb 13, 2013
To all those that are saying that the story is going fast their are reasons for that and it does back up a bit in the next chapter or so and this was my first story so any mispellings or anything that's the reason so just ignore it, it gets good trust me.
snuglybear17 snuglybear17 Oct 05, 2012
To all those that said it went to fast I know and that's why as the chapters continue I back up and start slow, this was the 1st story I ever wrote and I dint proof read It which is why their are all those mistakes