Manor of Convenience

Manor of Convenience

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Katie and Claire Lambeth By unwillingadventurer Updated Dec 29, 2019

It's 1925 and Toby of Elmwood Manor loves a man named George who most certainly loves him back. And although they're married to two wonderful ladies- Meg and Sophia- they still love each other firstly. Toby's cousin Meg is in love with Sophia, and Sophia equally in love with her, and under the manor roof they live the life of two married couples, seemingly the same as everyone else, two husbands and wives- two in love pairs.  How complicated can it be?

(Cover design by Lissy-Strata)

1. The Party-  The four newlyweds at Elmwood Manor host their first party together. 

2. The Servants Revolt-  A missing tiara causes chaos in the manor, leading to a clash between servants and employers.

3. The Outing-  Taking a trip to the seaside with George, Meg and Sophia to meet his old friend Abdul, Toby finds himself with conflicting emotions over who he is supposed to be.

4. Every Picture Tells a Story- Some private photographs taken at the manor cause some problems when they fall into the wrong hands.

5. An Un-Ideal Husband- Toby and friends are under pressure when Sophia's parents arrive for the Christmas and New Year period. Can they keep their cool?

6. 'Til Death Do us Part-  A morbid mood descends over the manor when someone in the village dies. And ghosts from the past have Toby thinking of the future.

7. Is There Anybody There?-  As a storm holds them prisoner in the manor, Toby is convinced that Charlie is haunting them.

8. The Play's the Thing-  Toby has 48 hours to write a play for the church group. Is he up to the task?

9. The Meddlers- When maid Eleanor develops a crush on the boy from the village store, Toby and co. are determined to pair them up.

10. One Year- On the anniversary of their official nuptials, Toby, George, Meg and Sophia are determined to commemorate their 'secret' unions.