Waiting on you...  !Coming Soon!

Waiting on you... !Coming Soon!

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MrsCassey By MrsCassey Updated Mar 31

When Tayiah met her mate she was only fifteen and he was nineteen next in line to become the Alpha of Red Blood Pack. But due to her age,  her father had fore bid it but Christian still wanted Tay. Now after waiting on her for six long years he has finally arrived to claim what is rightfully his. But Tay has decided she no longer wants him. COPYRIGHT(c) All Rights Reserved By: MrsCassey

JustisAue JustisAue Aug 04
The act of possession by another is an interesting to see in action. It gives me this warm feeling when I think about it.  Alpha men are like this and you did a great job writing out this character.
OMG can't wait to see what happens. This is as good as "his mark"
JustisAue JustisAue Aug 04
It's nice when men force us to deal with our issues. It's a rare thing to read here on Wattpad
JustisAue JustisAue Aug 04
I did not expect this to be a wolf story... it has surprisingly got me enraptured wanting more.
JustisAue JustisAue Aug 04
Something about that masculine smell is undeniable. I love it.
tsalih tsalih Feb 03, 2016
Wow! Sounds like it would have been a great book. No post for some time.