The Contract

The Contract

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Katy Graham By lolkaty15 Updated Jul 29, 2014

"I will never love you. Ever!" I yelled at a shirtless Davidé across the room. He sauntered towards me from his former position until he reached me and pulled my body flush against his with his strong arms wrapped around my waist.

"I dare you to say that again, cara." I felt his hot breath on my face. My breath hitched in my throat and suddenly breathing became a difficult task for me to do.

"Let's face it, you want me as much as I want you, no?" He whispered in my ear. His breath tickling it. I couldn't talk, i felt weak. I just stared at him while he smirked. He was like a God.

He pulled me even tighter against his body, if that was even possible. I could feel his erection against my thigh. "Do you feel what you do to me?" He groaned as he buried his head in the crook of my neck. I blushed furiously as his mouth found the sensitive spot on my neck and began sucking it.

"Davidé." I moaned as my hands found its way to his soft black hair. He brought his head up and smirked. He traced his hands up my body till he reached my breasts. He found my already hardened nipples and started rubbing them with his thumbs through my camisole. I moaned even louder. I could already feel the wetness in between my thighs. 

"Say it Eleanor, and I'll give you what you want." His mouth went back to my neck, while his thumbs were busy with my nipples. And then, I said the words I swore I'd never say.

"I want you."

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buster7474 buster7474 Mar 29, 2016
What about our promises 
                              u take it all ad leave me nothing 
                              what about love - austin mahone
lilheartjojo lilheartjojo Jul 21, 2015
Not being a family person comes in handy in these situations XD
etevysz etevysz Jul 16, 2014
I like it I think is going to be very interesting to read  it.
EmSlough EmSlough Jul 03, 2014
WWAAAGGGGH! It's not there! :'(
                              I love the sneak peak. Very sexy.
                              Hope you post it soon!! :)