Were- He is a what? No freaking way! -Wolf

Were- He is a what? No freaking way! -Wolf

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Stephanie Anthony By Taffnyy94 Updated Apr 17, 2012

Alicia Forest is a normal girl, or that's what she think she is, lives with her younger brother, Justin who's 15, a younger sister, Mary who's 5 and a littel brother who's 1. Together with the family lives Scarlett LaFont, who's 18, they all live together in a house, because the Forest family have some problems with their parents. Scarlett lives with the Forest because, well just because she felt like it. 

Then there is Skylar Love, he's a hot, smart, but also very mean to people he doesn't talk to. There were once where Skylar was a happy, allways smiling, sweet and caring guy, but that's all in the past. 

What will happend when Alicia and Skylar meet's will she change Skylar? And will Skyla help Alicia find the real her inside of herself?
What's the thing about Skylar that makes him dangerous, but jet caring. Hot headed, but stil calm.     

Why have Alicia got some weird powers together with her siblings? 

Read to find out some more:D

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