The Truth Behind Cartoons

The Truth Behind Cartoons

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Ever had any questions about cartoons you watched? Well you'll get some answers by reading this book!!! Hello! This book will be about background information on cartoons, video games and etc. I really can't explain it but read the book and you'll understand!!! 

The truth will be told...

THESE ARE NOT MY STORIES AND I DON'T OWN THEM!!! All credit goes to the people who made them.

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iamcanola_078201 iamcanola_078201 Jun 08, 2017
I read somewhere that Mr. Krabs might have been Pearl's sugar daddy, that's why she always demands things and always gets them
0XYJIN 0XYJIN Mar 17, 2017
I always thought mr.krabs married a whale but the pearl would be half
toxicfoxy101 toxicfoxy101 Mar 25, 2017
That easy i have a theory about mr. Krabs having a whale daughter.... Pearl is a fricking orphan and mr.krabs adopted pearl
Well actually....they could be mutants thanks to one theory.
egodfrey72 egodfrey72 Mar 04
So Spongebob was created by the same radiation that created Godzilla...Seems legit!
The one question everyone asks when seeing spongebob..."HOW THE HELL IS PEARL KRABS' DAUGHTER!?