May the Best Man Win (Levi x Reader x Eren)

May the Best Man Win (Levi x Reader x Eren)

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Levi and Eren made a bet to win a certain someone's heart . They thought it was easy, turns out that it may be the most difficult challenge so far in their life. They end up trying to win the same girl, which only leads to trouble. This girl is you. They can't get over you apparently. Someday there is going to be a choice, a choice that will end the bet once and for all. Will it be Levi or Eren?

I do not own Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin or its characters, I only own this story I made about it.

I also do not own the cover of this story, it is simply a picture I found on Google.

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kaka-kun kaka-kun Aug 07
This is an OC story. Not an x Reader, please change the story title because this can put people off the story gravely. I was looking forward to this but with sincerely let down when you never let us be the reader. Asuna is an OC, not the reader.
waifuz waifuz Dec 29, 2016
This is not a x reader if you don't let US choose our name, our looks. I'm disappointed. This story looked promising, but I guess not. This is a OC story.
ilovejakepittsyay ilovejakepittsyay Dec 05, 2016
I have a problem, instead of calling Levi Levi with an ē im pronouncing it like lęvi in my mind. Idk what's wrong with meh head
And you sure that our last name isn't yui cause in soa that's asuna's last name
LexyisINSANE1 LexyisINSANE1 Jun 23, 2016
No it isn't a x reader. If you plan on using a OC that is not readers then it is not a x reader. You disappointed some of us. ~Lexy❤
                              P.s. I Suggest you change the name o(╥﹏╥)o(╥_╥)o