The Fallen Angel || Finnick Odair

The Fallen Angel || Finnick Odair

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Angel Havoc, won the 67th hunger games. Before she was reaped for the games she was a sweet innocent girl, but like every other person who has gone into those games, she changed. Being held captive by the careers and forced to watch as they killed the little boy she had been taking care of during the games. Rage filled her and she killed every single career, including her district partner. Because of her beauty, she was sold to who ever wanted her for the night and do whatever they wanted to her. Angel had nightmares every night, not wanting to be pitted, she held a strong facade. But no matter how corrupted she is, he will still love her, he always will, and nothing will change that.


"Only one."

"Angel Havoc?"

"Yes, or better known as the Fallen Angel. She is very lethal, a threat."

"She doesn't look like a threat, she looks like a scared little girl."