Cry For Help

Cry For Help

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RoseAnneMonroe By RoseAnneMonroe Completed

"How do you keep the God of Mischief.... out of mischief?!"

Loki was coming back to Earth at Thor's request.
He thinks it'll do Loki some good.

Loki gets paired with many people but they just can't tolerate his mischievious ways.
But once he got paired with the mute girl Taegan, he seems to calm down.

But what is the real reason?

  • avengers
  • blood
  • cure
  • dieing
  • god
  • illness
  • loki
  • love
  • mischief
Blackmagicforever Blackmagicforever Jun 20, 2017
I DIDN'T DO IT!!! IT WAS HER!! **points at a confused friend** **smiles**
karanterus karanterus Jul 23, 2017
                              Loki's also has a British accent (thx to the very sexy tom H)
Idk why but the first thing I thought was Clint when describing the dad
StarrySilverSkies StarrySilverSkies Oct 11, 2017
That literally happened to me this morning and now I’m sitting on the couch reading fanfiction and scared that I will be late for school again
You Know if I had to lose something I would loose my voice, I love music, so ears is out of the picture, I need to be able to move and read stuff so sight is out too, smell and taste are both something I would like to keep.
Charwanda Charwanda Jun 25, 2017
She's probably thinking of British. Australian is surfer-awesomeness and American is 'Get me another cheeseburger'