Cry For Help

Cry For Help

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RoseAnneMonroe By RoseAnneMonroe Completed

"How do you keep the God of Mischief.... out of mischief?!"

Loki was coming back to Earth at Thor's request.
He thinks it'll do Loki some good.

Loki gets paired with many people but they just can't tolerate his mischievious ways.
But once he got paired with the mute girl Taegan, he seems to calm down.

But what is the real reason?

Creeperprincess Creeperprincess Nov 28, 2016
Hm maybe ts something about "cruel tears of the place of evil", maybe she is cursed.
arodriguez763 arodriguez763 Jul 04, 2016
Last name from friends to me she's not Colson daughter what a shame.
kimeco24 kimeco24 Sep 14, 2016
I can't stand baggy pants unless it's joggers or sweat pants
StilinskiMcall2411 StilinskiMcall2411 May 14, 2016
I would always use this on my parents but they get very suspicious
arodriguez763 arodriguez763 Jul 04, 2016
Me too usually asleep until noon. Talk about not being a morning person.
Deliquio Deliquio Jul 03, 2016
They find an ancient script that has the name and description of a disease, they translate the description but the can't translate the name?