Beyond Terminus (Book Two)

Beyond Terminus (Book Two)

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Hope "Moose" Williams By hope_forever_18 Completed

The world has changed...or ended. It depends on how you look at it.

The undead roam the streets, hungry, never full. They search for human or animal flesh to fill the void of their bottomless guts. One bite and you're doomed; doomed to become one of them, unless your brain is destroyed. Now we know that, even if you die, you turn.

What would you do to keep your family safe?

A lonely girl, a broken redneck, and a group of people so different you'd have never thought they could get along.

Hope cares for her group more than she has ever cared for anyone ever before, and she is willing to do anything to protect the ones she loves. When she finds out that she's expecting a baby, she only grows more determined to keep him or her safe. Along with this, she's dealing with the new experiences that come with being a wife to a certain redneck.

Daryl wants nothing more then for a world where Hope will be safe, away from harm, and there's nothing threatening to take her away from him. With the extra knowledge of Hope's pregnancy combined with the new role of being a husband, he's determined to be a better man.

For her, he feels like he has to.

Once again, Hope and her group must find a way to survive, like they already have been for years. Once they get out of Terminus, all they have to do is find the next safe haven.

Then, they see how long it lasts.

Book Two in the Apocalypse Angel Trilogy

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RinOkumura145 RinOkumura145 Aug 04, 2017
I just absolutely love the way your books are written @hope_forever_18 ! Absolutely amazing! 😄
Ice_queenAwsome Ice_queenAwsome Dec 23, 2017
I randomly voted.because I mean I HAVE PICTURES OF DARY/Norman ALL OVER MY WALLS ( thinks ) is that crazy yes ok ( looks embarrassed )
Balthazar96 Balthazar96 Jun 20, 2017
Hi thank you for making another one and not just leave us haning.
lucy4435 lucy4435 Aug 04, 2017
When reading this out loud to yourself at 12:18 am.... You might be reading 'Humans' as 'Hoemens'...
KIM_T_A_E_H_Y_U_N_G KIM_T_A_E_H_Y_U_N_G Jan 21, 2017
Credits for Mr. Shovel. The mastermind of the ship DOPE. 😉😉
Wolf_Girl_Gamer33 Wolf_Girl_Gamer33 Jun 23, 2016
I really like the description and super exited to read this book! Great job!