A mothers shrink gun

A mothers shrink gun

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Claire drove home ecstatic about her package. She was one of the few beta testers for the new shrink gun and she couldn't wait to test it on her husband. As she pulled up to her front door, she quickly turned off her car and ran inside. After having opened the door, Claire plucked the package off the floor and ran upstairs to her room.

Excitedly she ripped open the package. Before her lay the golden glimmering ray gun donning nothing but a switch with the options of "Shrink" and "Grow" and a small dial to set the multiplier. Reaching in, she pulled the gun out and gripped it firmly in her hand. A smile beamed across her face, it framed perfectly by her long blonde hair.

Wanting to get into something more comfortable for her husband, Claire placed the ray gun down on her bed and ran off to the bathroom. She quickly threw on her sexiest lace lingerie and returned to the bedroom. Laying down on the bed, she gave her best pose to the full wall mirror that sat facing her as she waited for...

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