Chyna Doll

Chyna Doll

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Remember when you was a child and always wanted to grow up just so you could be grown? 

Well that's what Chyna wanted. Being a teenager and always stuck and monitored under her parents supervision got tiring for her. She wanted to do what she wanted and go where ever she wanted without having to have permission first. 

Getting tired of her parents rules and guidelines she wanted to see for herself what this crazy world we live in was made of. But what happens when she gets a taste of that, but not the good taste either. A bitter and sour one. Her pride won't let her go back either. 

So follow her crazy journey into "adulthood", where she's forced to do things she never thought she would. And be around the people her parents warned her about. 

I bet she wishes she wasn't so grown now.

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Hell yeah! I hid a nigga in the hallway closet one 💀 my mama pulled up outside early and he had to sit in the closet for 20 minutes.
Bitch right 😒 I'm tired of sneaking around 💀 I'm bout start just walking out the front door.
NiSSa_NiSSa NiSSa_NiSSa Jul 02
^^ see everyone like em hood😭.. if this the same nigga from the intro is that hood enough for ya??
nickii1395 nickii1395 Apr 09, 2016
I'm already drawn in ..I gotta find out what's going to happen to her
WritingGoddess12 WritingGoddess12 Feb 26, 2016
He sounds so irritating like nigga dont you want to kill her
Jan_26th Jan_26th Oct 06, 2016
ι ¢αит ѕтαи∂ ωєαк αѕѕ иιggαѕ ℓιкє тнιѕ