The Third Sugg (Zoella/Danisnotonfire) Book 1:The Third Sugg Trilogy *COMPLETED*

The Third Sugg (Zoella/Danisnotonfire) Book 1:The Third Sugg Trilogy *COMPLETED*

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Book 1: The Third Sugg Trilogy *COMPLETED*

You might already know my sister if you even internet, Zoella. You might also be familiar with my twin, ThatcherJoe. They are both crazy internet famous while I prefer to work behind the camera, that's probably why you've never heard of me...Alice Sugg, I run a blog and rule the Tumblr fandoms...

What will happen when Alice is thrown headfirst into the YouTube spotlight? Youtubers include: Zoella, ThatcherJoe, PointlessBlog, SprinkleOfGlitter, MarcusButler, JacksGap, AmazingPhil, Danisnotonfire and so many more along the way.

AmeerahTura AmeerahTura Nov 21
Is your sister called Freya just that somebody in my school is call Freya and her older sister is called Beth XXX
AnyaOwl AnyaOwl Sep 11
Obsessed with this fanfic it's amazing and so are the other books!! Well done xx
I'm reading this book again and remembering that this book introduced me to Dan and Phil 1 1/2 years ago 
                              Thank you so much for that because they are now my favourite youtuber's
Alysha_Styles Alysha_Styles Oct 10, 2015
So before I start reading this are Zoe and Alice twins or joe and Alice?? Help #confused!
wydphan wydphan Jun 27, 2015
But I thought you always say 'Hey guys and girls of the Internet'
lilyiscool122 lilyiscool122 May 11, 2015
my friend tayla could do a little better if she put her heart in to it