The Regeneration of Penelope Simmons

The Regeneration of Penelope Simmons

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Caroline By AceOwl Completed

"Because sometimes, you choose your friends.
Sometimes, your friends choose you.

And sometimes, you accidentally run into a girl with her arms full of cupcakes, and you realize that your idea of friendship was a complete misinterpretation."

In which Penny regenerates with the help of some whacky high schoolers who just might be her friends, leaving her lame, eighth grade, caterpillar self behind for a butterfly of a high schooler. 

Or, at the very least, a good ol' moth.

thosesummernights thosesummernights May 19, 2016
I also had high hopes for high school when I entered. ლ(ಥ Д ಥ )ლ
royal888 royal888 Dec 01, 2015
I assumed it was science fiction at first glance when I read the title.
broadwayhereicome broadwayhereicome Jan 22, 2015
very pumped to read this. (also freshman are at last being honored in novels. woot woot)
meeko228 meeko228 Sep 23, 2014
Congrats on this uber popular, super fantastic book you have here! ;)  IT'S SO AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL <3
simplytrapped simplytrapped Aug 25, 2014
this story is life. I read it over and over and over again! <3
LoveMeAsIAm LoveMeAsIAm Jul 04, 2014
Hey the main character of my story has a similar last name, except in my story it's Simmens and in yours it's Simmens. :C Looks like an interesting story! I'm excited to read it :)