The Wanted

The Wanted

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BellyandKuffy By BellyandKuffy Updated Aug 10, 2012

I have him, and only him. This suspicious man is after us,  for something only my family knows about. I don't ever want to risk Xavier's  life with my threatening secret, so I will face the man instead. 

She is all I have ever loved, the first one to love me.  Now that evil man has taken her for an unknown reason. She won't tell me anything either,  but this bangle of hers, it really is something. The only way to find out where that man has taken her, is to risk both of our lives.

Both Xavier and Dana are in trouble. Only one of them knows why, but won't say. The man is after her, and he's going to take her away. Xavier struggles to fid where she is with the help of a small item, her bangle. Their lives are at risk, and Dana decides to go with the man and cooperate. That is a big mistake though. You see, that's exactly what he wants.

This story is co-writed by BethanyFish and raw6164. BethanyFish plays as the character Xavier and raw6164 as Dana. Each chapter alternates between the two's POV starting with Xavier's. 

This story is rated PG13 or higher. Reminder this is a horror romance mystery.

KellBelle333 KellBelle333 Aug 13, 2012
@buswriters98 thanks! nd its a secret for now. ;) love the girls