My Life | August A. | Book 1

My Life | August A. | Book 1

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Tami Roman, a pure soul who only wanted to get a taste of what the real world was like, due to her being sheltered all her life. However, she gets more than what she has bargained for when she crosses paths with somebody who is connected to her father's hidden past. 

Anthony Jackson, a tainted soul who's childhood wasn't the best. For him to be young, he is the biggest kingpin/pimp of New Orleans and is very much feared by all. But when he comes across ol innocent Tami, who is somewhat connected to his cold past, he plans on targeting her for payback.

[Warning: This story contains strong language, sexual content, and possibly rape. The story in general is extremely gritty, so enter at your own risk.]

Also, for all the August Alsina fans, his character won't typically play the "good guy". So don't get in your feelings about the way his character is portrayed in this story because I warned you ahead of time.

mlenae15 mlenae15 Mar 29
IM SO EXCITED!! This is my 4th time reading this..... I think unless it's my 5th😂😂best book ever guys
trintrinanderson trintrinanderson Oct 20, 2016
I read this book like 6 times and im reading it over again.....thats how good this book is cuz it d's filled with twist and turns, its so good that u cant even sleep cuz u wanna know what happens nxt
pearlprincess05 pearlprincess05 Sep 25, 2016
I'm just now starting to read this and I'm already so excited!!!!💜
lakrisha lakrisha Sep 30, 2015
This one of my favorite books,  you surprise me every chapter. I can't believe Ant did that,  I was starting to feel sorry for him. Damn you Ant.
NaTasha17Harris NaTasha17Harris Sep 24, 2015
Book so good I have to reread it, and comment like I never read it before!! This kidnapping story is soo different from the others.
jasmyndenise jasmyndenise Jul 31, 2015
Lord T.D. Jakes is in the story. Go head. S/o to @nawlinsfling for suggesting this story! Finally getting to read it!