Can't Go Back » Stilinski [01]

Can't Go Back » Stilinski [01]

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They lost a hunter, but more importantly, they lost a friend. Allison Argent was vital, a best friend, a lover, a fighter and now one of the casualties of the most dangerous war they've ever encountered.

Now, the pack rises from the ashes and gain a few allies--and enemies--along the way. New species, new faces and new problems. Now, they can't go back and neither can newcomer Eden Flores who has to realize this new beginning won't exactly be as easy as she thought it would be and the most likely of allies are the ones you swore to be your enemies. 

[season 4]
{book one of the Stiles/Eden series}

WARNING: May contain mature language, graphic content and violence.

How the bloody hell are you not a bestselling author?!? World, get your priorities straight.
Is it bad that I pictures Adventure Time's Ice King when the nunchucks was mentioned?
https_fern https_fern Mar 08
Meanwhile I'm all: oh, hey. Look. It's my country mentioned right there.
Puerto Rico 👍😙👌💜💛💚💙💖😎😍😚( I'm from there lol )
Nope still denying it. No funeral no proof. Maybe it's another Kate situation besides the whole were Jaguar part. Denying she's dead tell I see the funeral otherwise she still has a chance to show up
toni_amano toni_amano Nov 15
nothing's happened yet and i'm already absolutely in love with this book. there are so many things that are brilliant in just this page. it's amazing : )