Guardian: The Gifted (Book 2)

Guardian: The Gifted (Book 2)

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Joely Frances By NicGiollaBhuidhe2 Updated Aug 14

Three months have passed since the series of events that left Johanna stuck in the realm of Andromeda dealing with Guardian politics and grudges leaving her no longer the unambitious lazy teen she was before discovering the truth about the world. Now she's hellbent on revenge, no matter how much she'll have to go through to get it.

Charlotte doesn't appreciate their new life in New York, dealing with homesickness, isolation and her older sister becoming increasingly reckless, the nine-year-old has a lot on her plate and plans to study up as best she can to avoid any trouble her sister brings.

Jamie was promoted to the Guardian capital city of Nasaina, something he did not want. Far from his easy going days of being an instructor at the Elite base, the son's of the noble and wealthy are not ideal pupils, in fact Jamie doesn't think they should be let anywhere near dangerous weapons. But orders are orders. 

Caoimhe has slowly come out of hiding and needs to gather support from far and wide if she wants her plans to come to fruition, there's only one problem : everyone she knew before exiling herself is dead and no one will trust a High Fae that seems to have appeared from no where.

Cover by @TheGrumpyMountain

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