Wistful Absurdity™

Wistful Absurdity™

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Silz By Silmarilz1701 Updated 6 days ago

Hey there! I'm Silmarilz1701, but you can call me Silz or Julianne. I'm a child masquerading as an adult. Offline you'll find me running social media for small businesses, working retail, and taking classes.

Online you'll find me writing fanfiction, fantasy, cyberpunk, and spreading my love of fandoms with the world. What I write in these books is raw and unfiltered; my life is far from glamorous, but it's the only life I've got.

This is the fourth in a series of random books: Well Written Insanity™, Worthwhile Lunacy™, and the latest, Witty Delirium™ have led me here. Who would've thought I'd reach four books? 

Topics to include: mental health discussions, superheroes, Marvel, Disney, M*A*S*H, Star Trek (primarily DS9 and VOY), my own brand of feminism, Catholicism, activism, retail life, memes, and more

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