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When Lana's father dies, she decides it's time to take a break. She moves her sister and herself to Lebanon, Kansas in an attempt to get out of the hunting life she was forcibly raised into. 

          Lana's running from her old life and a couple of hunters by the name of Winchester. What she doesn't know is that she's planted herself right in the middle of everything.

©sunshinelionman | 2014

this book is complete and there will be no sequel

[ may contain spoilers ]

voidchanel voidchanel May 17
okay so if anyone here has seen the netflix original series van helsing i love you so much
Spacebabe09 Spacebabe09 Aug 12
I'm literally looking at the new arrivals page of Netflix staring at Van Hellsing as I read this. Lol
AkamaSaint AkamaSaint Aug 18
wow i really like this and i'm not really into the supernatural fandom!
Jeen1234 Jeen1234 Mar 30
I'm not out yet but that would most likely be me soon enough
Jibaby_Bae Jibaby_Bae Jun 02
Try win pansexual. I came out to my mom and she said that this was my "way to rebel" and that I will change. She's gotten used to it, but I know she doesn't exactly like that.
Dear Pansexuals, 
                              Would you be interested in coming together with us Bisexuals to become Piesexuals? We believe it is a foolproof plan to not only be awesome, but to lure out Dean Winchester.