Back to the Beginning | d.w. [✓] {EDITING}

Back to the Beginning | d.w. [✓] {EDITING}

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tj hammond By sunshinelionman Completed

When Lana's father dies, she decides it's time to take a break. She moves her sister and herself to Lebanon, Kansas in an attempt to get out of the hunting life she was forcibly raised into. 

She's running from her old life and a couple of hunters going by the name Winchester. What she doesn't know is that she's planted herself right in the middle of everything. 

What will happen when she tries to bury old memories? And what new ones will she make? 

©sunshinelionman | there will be no sequel 

[ may contain spoilers ]

Funny cause I'm Alana and my favourite vamp character is Alucard who works for hellsing
goofykid goofykid Jun 25
Personaly i like it but i also like The classy 55' bel air chevy
I swear, if I become a pansy sentimental person by reading this, im outtie
I'm Lana Van heelsing and THIS is my bunk shop , I work here with my sister and father.
Melisa_Q Melisa_Q Jul 15
But dean and sam are in there 20 or 30 whatever isn't it illegal or a little creepy (Pedofile) if they fell 'in love'
I know I'm going to like this book and I hope I do. I'm getting good vibes.😊 If I like it, I'll vote every chapter.... Until it stops me... Because I didn't know there was a damn limit.