Protect My Love ~ Book 4 ~ The Royal Blood Collection

Protect My Love ~ Book 4 ~ The Royal Blood Collection

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Book 4 - The Royal Blood Collection

A day is all that it takes for Otanawa's world to be turned upside down.

Her uncle sends her to province three with the mission to cross the bridge into the wilderness beyond Rivarno Diablis and make contact with the betas. Knowing the issues that she will face, Alaric sends a guardian to watch over Otanawa and ensure that she is kept safe.

Captain Harper is a soldier that lives his life by the rule book and believes that he's faced with a pampered princess who thinks it's going to be a holiday with her lady in waiting at her beck and call. He's not prepared to put up with it and certainly will not accept anything that would put her life at risk. His requirements and her demands stoke the fire, creating a lot of tension between the two.

Otanawa seeks the answers to the questions about her past and in exposing the truth, she puts herself in danger. Her guardian vowed his life to protect Otanawa and does his duty to the king, keeping her safe. Little does he realize that the real problem has been hiding right in front of them, watching and waiting for the opportune time to strike.

**Book 4 in the series. It is strongly recommended that you read the books ~ Crimson Flame, Command My Heart and Into The Wild first.**

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