Guardians Among Us [ ON HOLD ]

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Leana By LeanaahLikeABoss Updated 3 years ago
When Avery Morgans is brutally murdered by a strange being with red eyes, she's sent to Heaven where she discovers a pair of pure white wings on her back and the fact that she has the potential to become a Guardian. A Guardian Angel that is. . .As she discovers herself and how special she really is, she meets sexy and mysterious Archer who may be hiding something. And when she is assigned to Jace Mitchells, a human she is obligated to look after from danger, she finds that they share a strange attraction to each other. . .which is forbidden. All the while she tries to figure out who her murderer is and why she was murdered in the first place. . .
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                                    Waiting anxiously for chapter 2, by the way.
@LeanaahLikeABoss Great job!! Upload soon! I wanna read more! :))