A Faithful Thug (Complete)

A Faithful Thug (Complete)

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(S/O to @LaQuinta1432 for doing her thing! Go an check out her books. She's an amazing writer.)

☆Nayla A.K.A NayNay☆

My name is Nayla Thomas I'm 17, dark skin, but not to dark that you can't see me. I do find myself to be beautiful. If no one else will tell me then I'll tell myself. 

I'm not gone lie I had loving parents, once. Yes had. One morning I woke up and everything was gone. It's like they disappeared out of thin air. Yes I was hurt, but I had to put that aside and do what I had to do. 

I was determined to finish school while working two jobs. They had left me some money, but who knows how long that's going to last. I've always had a crush on this boy named Anthony, but he go by Ant.

Anthony is....different. I know he a drug dealer, but with him things were different. We hardly ever said two words to each other. But that look in his eyes always told a story. A story that I've been yet to hear. 

That's one smooth chocolate man right there. Make a girl have to shout and tha...

MsJanuary13 MsJanuary13 Apr 18
I'm a big gurr. I knee a neck i knee to lick ohn your neck. I love joseline
MrsTonja MrsTonja Mar 11
Finally the Tall&🍫. I'm 5'10" & my profile shows the color
lolwydkira lolwydkira May 23
I get where some people would find it offensive but damn, it's a book. Get over it.
jayslady69 jayslady69 Mar 01
Crazy my son name is Anthony Williams  lol but he is one and light skin
Lol I use to have a bestfriend name LaQuinta and we called her Quinta that was bitchhhh with her crazy ass #memories😂
- - Jan 20
Finally a story with a dark skin girl as the main character ! 🔥❤️ All shades of Black are beautiful❤️