A Faithful Thug (Complete)

A Faithful Thug (Complete)

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BeautifullyNotorious By LabelMeNotorious_ Completed

(S/O to @LaQuinta1432 for doing her thing! Go an check out her books. She's an amazing writer.)

☆Nayla A.K.A NayNay☆

My name is Nayla Thomas I'm 17, dark skin, but not to dark that you can't see me. I do find myself to be beautiful. If no one else will tell me then I'll tell myself. 

I'm not gone lie I had loving parents, once. Yes had. One morning I woke up and everything was gone. It's like they disappeared out of thin air. Yes I was hurt, but I had to put that aside and do what I had to do. 

I was determined to finish school while working two jobs. They had left me some money, but who knows how long that's going to last. I've always had a crush on this boy named Anthony, but he go by Ant.

Anthony is....different. I know he a drug dealer, but with him things were different. We hardly ever said two words to each other. But that look in his eyes always told a story. A story that I've been yet to hear. 

That's one smooth chocolate man right there. Make a girl have to shout and tha...

Lol I use to have a bestfriend name LaQuinta and we called her Quinta that was bitchhhh with her crazy ass #memories😂
Sin4You Sin4You Dec 04, 2016
Yas👏👏💞 but my brother!😂 his ass so dark u could barely see him in the dark. And the fact he love wearing black
heaviee71 heaviee71 Jan 20
Finally a story with a dark skin girl as the main character ! 🔥❤️ All shades of Black are beautiful❤️
dreaduno dreaduno Feb 01
Self confidence with a lil sprinkle of colorism😊😒 you coulda kept the last part of that first sentence sis
thatwannabe_raven thatwannabe_raven Aug 20, 2016
I was just turning up to No problem by chance the rapper in my room alone
RealCakeyyy RealCakeyyy Feb 04
Damn, the way this book is worded is annoying .. the grammar I guess "... but she PREFER Quinta."