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My Mate is The Boxer (Editing)

My Mate is The Boxer (Editing)

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beautyofbrown By beautyofbrown Completed

"Dear, Ella

It's 2am and I took seventeen shots of vodka just trying to forget your name. But you know what? The only name I forgot was mine and sober or drunk you're the only thing on my mind.

I've felt it since the first time I saw you. Those feelings that seem to get so big in your chest, like something is so beautiful it aches.

I won't forget the butterflies I felt on my stomach since the first day, but you see, sometimes it's not the butterflies who tell you you're in love, but the pain.

It wasn't a choice to leave you, Ella. It was a necessity. I know, I was never that open, but there's a reason I keep it all inside.

I love you because, in a place in my heart where there was nothing before, now is love.

Don't forget, I'll be watching over you even from miles away, until the black soil is all above me and until my bones are just dust.

I'm sorry for the tears you'll drown in when you read this, I really am.

But you know, sometimes going through hell means falling deeply in love.

I hope the days come easy, the moments come slow and each road leads you where you want to go,


With heartwarming love,

your boy."

"What does it say?" Jake asked.

"It told me that it doesn't always take a knife to kill someone. It just takes a simple goodbye." I said, before everything went black...again.

Mine is 
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FunnyCommenter FunnyCommenter Jul 30, 2016
That is the best threat I have ever read or heard in my entire life😂
mshotstuff mshotstuff Mar 12, 2016
Mine is: communications technology, photography, English, math
Mints? Mondays? Males? Martini? Moist? Monsters? Minnie mouse?... yeah I hate her too
dabombgurl dabombgurl Jul 17, 2016
Well you got good taste my favorite fruit is mango but you don't say you've never had a boyfriend oh well
danielleeeeeeee1 danielleeeeeeee1 Feb 21, 2016
Mine is 
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