The Danger of The Alpha

The Danger of The Alpha

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"Look," I huffed. "I will return it back by tomorrow morning-" The fidgeting I did with the tip of the satin nightdress I was wearing  suddenly stopped when he cut me off.

"If I'd look any more, I have to decide whether to fuck you or kill you," He warned, his voice rising while he grabbed my chin lightly in between his two fingers making me stand up on my tiptoes because of the height he carried with. His eyes traveled down from mine, making their way to my chest and staying there for a few seconds, only to travel further down. 

"And both would be hard for you," Stingy, burning sensations were left behind at every part of me he looked at. I couldn't - or maybe didn't want to comprehend what he just said because it did something uncontrollable with my body, something I unwillingly was very fond of.


Since the day Josephine was born and for the following eighteen years, her pack The Faded Night had to deal with the harassment of the Blue Shadows. 
Each year on the 28th of August did they come, and Lord knew they destroyed everything and anyone that tried to get in their way. 

Everyone knew that the chances of escaping this one-night-lasting torture were close to zero so, they chose to deal with the consequences. 

However, the soulless Alpha didn't want to give up and continued to use his outraging ways on the other packs only to find the one thing someone took him times ago.

A blue diamond. 

What he doesn't know is that, he will find it but it won't be where he thought it was. Or what he thought it was.

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