Kissed By The Devil (COMPLETED)

Kissed By The Devil (COMPLETED)

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Story Description: Clarissa Das is a young girl full of many struggles. Ciel Phantomhive is an Earl with a new case of many murders. And Sebastian Michealis is a butler with many secrets. 
Let's see how the story plays out.

(Ciel's POV)

Bordom overwhelmed me as I waited in my office. My head rested on my hand as I lazily looked at the wood patterns on my floor. The manor was quiet. I nearly fell asleep but I woke myself up quickly. My butler, Sebastian, was supposed to bring me all the information he can find about a new case I got from her majesty a couple of days ago. 

From what I have heard, over the past month of June, innocent people all over London have been found dead; more likely killed. All we know about the victoms, and I mean all we know, are their names and the dates they were killed. For some reason, no other information was given to me. 

Sebastian has been staying up all night trying to figure out as much information as he could. It's a good thing he doesn't need slee...

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