The Bad Boy Saved Me

The Bad Boy Saved Me

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Nina Sarp By NinaSarp Updated Jul 02, 2014

"Emily! Get your ass over here!"

Shit. Shit shit shit. My dad is in one of those moods again. Ever since the accident, he's had severe mood swings. Scary ones, at that.

"Yes dad?" I yell back causiously. I start walking towards the kitchen where I suppose he is. He's probably drinking his own body weight in tequila, liquor, and beer, as usual.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" He's slurring his words as he walks over and grabs my black hair, pulling me towards him. I wince at the pain, but don't try fighting back. Last time I did that, it didn't end well. He glares at me with his deep sky blue eyes. I glare back with my matching eyes.

"Dad, please let me go." I ask innocently, "I was just heading over to Haley's house to study for the big algebra test we have tomorrow." He lets me go and continues staring at me while taking a swig out of his 5th bottle of beer. I only have 3 friends, Haley, Kayla, and Mindy,  but we are all really close.

"Fine! Get the hell out then!" An...

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HannahJo81 HannahJo81 Sep 03, 2016
I literally just started reading this, and I just ended a book, and they had the same names as each other and now I'm getting really confused😂 I'm surprised that this book was made like 2 years ago omg
herdemon223 herdemon223 Aug 14, 2016
You can tell this is going to be a great book on how it begins. Props to the author for having a professional intro.👍👌💯
NinaSarp NinaSarp Jul 01, 2014
@Jdimples005 yeah I was thinking that too. I'm gonna completely re do this chapter. I was in a rush cuz my sister wanted me to bake with her.
Jdimples005 Jdimples005 Jul 01, 2014
Another interesting chapter but I feel like I need a bit more informative and emotions. Something is stirring between the two and idont really feel anything. I think working on the feels part will be great for this novel because the situation u presented calls for it.  Overall it's not bad
Jdimples005 Jdimples005 Jul 01, 2014
Make him say something more degrading, he is the bad boy after all
Jdimples005 Jdimples005 Jul 01, 2014
Seems really simple maybe you can describe a bit better. He looks like every other guy here. Just my opinion.