I fell inlove with my enemy (A Justin Bieber Story) (Under HEAVY RENOVATION)

I fell inlove with my enemy (A Justin Bieber Story) (Under HEAVY RENOVATION)

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"We built it up, to watch it fall. 
Like we meant nothing at all.
I gave and gave the best of me, but couldn't give you what you need. 

You walked away, you stole my life.
Just to find what you're looking for.
But no matter how I try...
... I can't hate you anymore."

Sometimes, all you have to do is see right through that peculiar person. 
You'll be surprise to see what's underneath the disguise. ;)


This story is under heavy renovation so I hope for your consideration. :3

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xmuvah xmuvah Jan 27
I've already red the story but I loved it so much that I consider rereading it
lowkeydrew lowkeydrew Jun 25
probably gonna spend my entire fücking night re reading this because I wanna
wow I just found this and holy s.hit, I remember reading this like way back omg
sugarbiebs sugarbiebs Jul 05
I don't think I would fall in love with my enemy because he's ugly lol
Hello po sa mga readers dito sana po mabasa niyo yung story ko title po nun ayy ".That Awkward Moment" salamat po 😊✌️😬
BiebsWifeee BiebsWifeee Aug 10
i have multiple accounts which i forgot my passwords but trust me half of the comments through this whole story my comments are still there , im like re-reading this more than 5 times . love love love this story