Matrimonial Heartbreak

Matrimonial Heartbreak

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ProlifickInstinct By ProlifickInstinct Updated Mar 20

Jessica Rivers has always been a shy, self-doubting, beautiful young woman but when lady luck struck after months of graduating college, she found it liberating discovering who she was in the most unlikely place- or person... Her boss.

Falling in love with Reece Stanford and basking in it was never planned but he made her better and most of all, happy. So what's to stop her from saying 'I do'?

Things she wished she'd known about perhaps...her mother-in-law who loved to chant 'home wrecker' at her and vowed to make Jess go through what she did...

The only condition to let Jess breathe? Stay away from her son...

But Jess learned to not give in to this woman and she knew she had one person to unconditionally trust- her husband.

So, how do you order up 'a woman's guide to getting over heartbreak?'

How do you get over the lies built around you?

How much do you start hating the one who is supposed to be your 'till death do us part?'

How do you keep on fighting when it sucks being drained of the only thing which kept you together?

Love brought them together, marriage kept them in love, but trust could destroy the love their marriage struggles to keep.

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PayaswiniBansal PayaswiniBansal Apr 13, 2016
Ohhh hod..after reading your latest update I am starting to get a picture of what's gunna happen
Jiah_Blake_Eaton Jiah_Blake_Eaton Jul 25, 2016
The cover got me her.It's too beautiful to ignore😂😂 Excited to read this book!
MissPotter94 MissPotter94 Jun 07, 2016
Not your mother, the way you are acting, it was you who broke everything!
kimberlyykaye kimberlyykaye Feb 15, 2016
Now I'm to have to wait until you update until at least a chapter past thing point to read this story lol. I am such an impatient reader haha, and it will drive me mad to not know what happens next. So I'm going to tuck this story into my library and wait it out.
metwice22 metwice22 Feb 27, 2016
Okayy now i have read the last chapter and came back to this one, are u telling me that he finally fuk it up " again" and got her ex fiancee pregnant? Goshhh ehats wrong with the guy?
Jessica-D-Mateos Jessica-D-Mateos Dec 19, 2015
Oooh :) this is just the kind of drama i've been craving today...that sounded weird but YAY!