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vbdrr13 By vbdrr13 Updated Oct 02, 2014

His scent intoxicated me. He pushed me up against the lockers, locking his lips with mine. He traced my bottom lip with his tongue asking for entrance, but I denied. Pinching my ass making me gasp, he took his chance and our tongues fought for dominance.  'God he's a good kisser.' 

He broke away from the kiss breathless. He grabbed my waist and whispered in my ear, "You are mine, and mine only. I am the only one that will love you, touch you, kiss you, look at you, and make u feel like this." I blushed at his words.

My mate will be the death of me.

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  • pg-13
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  • teen
  • werewolf
eeldridge eeldridge Jul 09, 2017
Awwwww I love this part. I read it like a thousands of times
GrumpyHappyGirl GrumpyHappyGirl Jul 13, 2017
I have a hot mate!  Oh,  well, I guess it's time to head to class.  Later.  😂
P80Reading P80Reading Nov 22, 2017
Her I was thinking this was some kinda ritual 
                              It's a dadgum song
ididamistake ididamistake Nov 22, 2017
Dude thanks for telling me exactly how she looks like - I hate having to make it up myself. Thanks!!
KyrstenPiatt KyrstenPiatt Aug 18, 2016
It was a little to fast she should have tried to fight the mate thing like she doesn't want him to be her mate but then she does after a while but anyway it's still good but everything was a little fast
Ava_Meyer Ava_Meyer Apr 12, 2016