Wanderlust (Kellic)

Wanderlust (Kellic)

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wanderlust [WON-der-luhst]


a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about

One day, Kellin decides to escape his Oregon hometown by taking a one-man trip to California. While there, he doesn’t plan for his car to get stolen by a devious ex. He doesn’t plan on having to follow smart-ass clues to get it back. He doesn’t plan on enlisting the help of a hurricane named Vic Fuentes. And Kellin certainly doesn’t plan on falling in love with him.

DUDE WHERES MY CAR!!!!????........... if you understood that I love you deeply
Ha, im as straight as a swirly straw, and those shits aint nowhere near straight
Greenrain10 Greenrain10 Aug 25
But like he just met Vic and he's gonna trust him with his life
When this remind u of the cringey people u call a group of unicorns killed my girlfriend 
                              Gtg put my self in the microwave now
KELLIN if ehh means "more interesting than my existence" then ya you're ehh
But you can go on a different long ride once you get there ;)