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Drac the Alien By dracthealien Completed

Team Cap has been living like war criminals for almost two years. It hasn't been easy in plenty of ways, but a few specific sufferings have been on Wanda Maximoff's mind lately, and she just can't seem to shake them off. Maybe it's finally time that she voiced her frustrations with the person it affects the most.

The Vision has become accustomed to near-constant isolation, and the little time he has to spend with Wanda has started some new wheels turning in his head. His plan is well-intended, but in order to make everything work out perfectly, he's unknowingly fallen victim to a very human weakness.

It's a soft, quiet night, and both Wanda and Vision simply want to enjoy their time together - but first, there are just a few obstacles to overcome.

(originally published on ao3 in September, 2018)
(takes about 50 minutes to read entire work)

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