Holding Out For A Hero

Holding Out For A Hero

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Rani Serenity Brown By The_Moon_Princess Updated Jun 15, 2016


Facing him boldly, I came before him. "Why take me and Blake in? Two strangers you don't even know? Is this for publicity? 'Cause if it is-" 

He reached over slowly and took hold of my trembling hand. His smile grew at the sight then he squeezed it gently. The warmth he shared brought calmness. 

"Rarity," he put his nose against mine. "Is it alright if somebody just wants to be kind to you? Do you need an explanation for everything?"
This isn't your average boy meets girl, girl falls for boy story. 

Rarity has been a runaway for as long as she can recall with her small partner Blake. These two are very different, each has their own opinion on Navy Night. Blake admires the hero's bravery. Rarity can't stand his stupid smile. 

What doesn't help is Blake and her get caught by the hero on one of their late night scavenging adventures. 

Facing jail time, Navy works a deal with the police: The two must live with his alter ego until stable on their feet. Even though Rarity hates the idea, she goes along with it not knowing that just maybe she was holding out for this annoying hero.

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ImagineSkyline ImagineSkyline Oct 02, 2016
I love Wattpad super hero stories, and this has caught my interest! Rarity is an awesome protagonist so far, and she's got a good heart! 😋
ThatAllCapsWriter ThatAllCapsWriter Jul 31, 2016
Lol. Photo shy? No one knows him from behind the mask, so why does it matter? XD
                              Great story BTW. Really caught my attention.;)
michaelsbearre michaelsbearre Jan 07, 2015
This has me intrigued. A Good intrigued too. So, there's an egg growing in the dude's head? whoa.