Seduction of a prejudiced heart

Seduction of a prejudiced heart

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Marcus was the only son of billionaire Thomas Holden. He had everything he wanted ; fame, looks, wealth and lots of people vying for his attention. At merely twenty four years of age he is the CEO of the Holden Industries main office in Frankfurt. Currently he is on a mission to be the successor to the Holden group of Industries. The only thing or rather person he needed to secure his success was the robot engineer Dr. Kyler Daiki Tetsuro based in their Tokyo head office for Asian region. He figures it would be easy to convince an asian nerd to work for him by just showing him the bucks and giving him the chance to live in Europe. Only problem was, Kyler Daiki did not turn out to be like anything he expected. 

Kyler Daiki Tetsuro (called Aki by his family) was one of the most famous robotics engineers in the world. Born to an English mother and father who had their roots in Japan, Kyler looked like a European. However, since his parents passed away when he was but a child he had lived and grown up in Japan with his grandparents. He was currently working as a chief engineer in the Holden Industries Tokyo branch, engineering automated assembly lines and different types of robotics innovations. He had recently refused an offer from the heir of Holden Industries to go and work at their European head office in Frankfurt. It surprised him when the big shot decided to pay a visit to him in Tokyo to convince him to work in Europe. Just how can he convince the stubborn headed young big shot that money couldn't buy everything? 

Read the story of how two contradictory personalities fall in love.

IceMaven IceMaven Jun 11
im rereading this story i just cant get enough... i love heart series...
berriefairy berriefairy Apr 24, 2016
haha...I waited for it to not like the feeling of  hanging...
JerryRodriquez JerryRodriquez Apr 26, 2016
I am reading this after changing homophobic haert......and i am really excited
CyanNIn CyanNIn Jun 29, 2016
Damn I should have read this before I CAHH; however despite the spoilers from it, I'm already loving this work. 😊
AnaisJamil AnaisJamil Apr 20, 2016
Just the prologue has me wanting to read this.  I can't wait to see what happens next.
happy-olives happy-olives Oct 07, 2016
Sorry but one question for your cover I assume that Kyler is of partial Japanese descent yet I see no one that remotely represents that. Will he be?