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Never Meant To Belong (BWWM)

Never Meant To Belong (BWWM)

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chynadoll_xo By chynadoll_xo Updated Feb 06

I Never Knew I Could Fall In Love With Him, Hes My Teacher. We Live In Two Different Worlds. We Were Never Meant To Belong

Boy you better get back i don't know you like that i might like to wear my glasses and have my hair in a ponytail geez.
KaylaSinatra KaylaSinatra Nov 10, 2016
I wouldn't have the balls to ask my teacher this 😂😂😂
ErianaJ ErianaJ Oct 30, 2016
Idk about this. No one should have to change themselves to look physically attractive to have friends. At that point theyre most likely there because you're attractive and not there to be an actual friend. :/
chocolateprincessa_ chocolateprincessa_ Dec 01, 2016
I'd be actually creeped out if a teacher did that to me, female or male.
bowsdowntokamari bowsdowntokamari Sep 13, 2016
As soon as i read history teacher i thought of my history teacher and -shivers- never again
true_123 true_123 Nov 02, 2016
I mean ppl like braces now😂😂 be getting them and don't even need them