Tea For Two

Tea For Two

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"Just wondering, Shoemaker. Are you going to tell your parents? Or should I?"
When I was little, I was terribly afraid of heights. One day, in a bleak attempt to rid me of this, my father climbed onto the roof of our one story house with me on his back. I may have been hyperventilating, but otherwise I was doing well- until my foot slid across the shingles. It was only a foot or two that I moved, but my heart stopped.
Right now, I feel like I've slid ten feet down the roof of my house on a bitterly cold day.
"Because, last I remember, aren't they kind of conservative?" he continues.
August is a 16-year-old closeted bisexual girl. When a girl moves in next door, her calm life is slightly shaken, and then turned upside down. Because she isn't just any girl next door: Emily is a gorgeous, red-haired, baseball-playing, fully out-and-proud lesbian.  When the two girls grow close, things begin to change in their small town. 
***Cover made by Emmy07*** 


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trashCAN123 trashCAN123 Nov 20, 2016
She's the girrrl next doooor, nice but naughty and a heart that's pure👻
InnerKitten InnerKitten Dec 30, 2016
*looks at Approval Scoreboard* *knocks away 50 points for August House*
Theyrekindahotthooo Theyrekindahotthooo Dec 10, 2016
I LOVE peanutbutter M&Ms. At my little brother's birthday party, I took all of them out of the candy bags and was so ashamed, except not really
zeeadaj zeeadaj Jan 06
how is it pronounced? like literally shoe-maker or shoe-mah-ker
imkindarude imkindarude Dec 17, 2016
is it lady like for her to lick her finger to turn the page?
DearHarry DearHarry Nov 15, 2016
I love Divergent trilogy, Hunger Games, Skullduggery series, Artemis Fowl, All The Bright Places, Two Boys Kissing, Anna Karenina, TFIOS, The Sky Is Everywhere, The Evermore Series etc.😂🙈