One Day the Sun: A Collection

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Chris By ChrisAnthemum Completed
A collection of poems entered for the Attys awards, 2012. The judges were kind enough to shortlist this work and I thank them for that recognition. Biggest thanks, however, go to you, dear reader.
Poxa não queria desistala, mas e preciso, não sei ler inglês .
I am curious, is this about a soldier from America or England?  The spelling of the word colours as well as the use of empire seems to suggest the latter, but America is more widely known for the fighting in the middle east...
Very deep. I love how this marries the human element but hints at the darkness and futility of war.
                                    How many more mothers/ lovers ect weep at the gravesides of soldiers who die in the name of wars which the true nature of we are not let in on.
Interesting read. Vivid imagery and poignant use of language. The metaphors of black gold and wheels in motion speak to a universal that is understood but tolerated. Powerful and concise.
Wow!, this is amazing!!!, i love to write poems as well... Mind maybe reading one and giving me some tips?
Beautiful and powerful. War is never nice and sometimes we can forget how many people can be left hurt by just one death.