Talk About the Direct Approach...

Talk About the Direct Approach...

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Heart, TellTaleHeart By TellTaleHeart Updated May 24, 2016

Picture this: One day, you're sitting on your porch when you spot a gorgeous guy stepping out of a car.     

You're in your pajamas with noodles hanging out of your mouth when he sees you.      

The next thing you know, the sexy stranger is kidnapping you. Fun? Not exactly.     

What if you later found out you were destined to be his mate, which is his reason for kidnapping you?      

Talk about the direct approach...

Omg those are so bad for you and take forever to digest in your stomach
bananguard bananguard Sep 07
creature ruins it and makes it 1000X better at the same time
Aiko_Senpai Aiko_Senpai 2 days ago
I had a virus triggered by the smell of noodles but i rlly like noodles but i cant have it anymore bcuz the smell triggerssss
Gorgeous??? 😂😂😂😂like no offence I look like his mate all the time but perhaps this guy is blind
Speaking of cinnamons I had cinnamon pretzel bites with icing 😩😩😩❤️
Strong 😂😂😂😂😂then you get a girl who loves ramen noodles and has some hanging out her mouth at your first meeting 😂😂😂