The Inevitable

The Inevitable

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Troy Acapen By TroyAcapen2 Completed

It's been 8 months since a dangerous, mind-affecting, violent and sentient pathogen ravaged Earth and became a Wasteland with only 15% of the human population still intact and the remaining percentage had been either killed or infected. 

Now a strange force rises as the society now known as the "The Red Order" is now aware of the capabilities of the said pathogen, which may fear the incoming of what is known as "The Inevitable," as shown in the prophecy of the Red Order. A team of specialized forces from the Red Order embark on a journey to discover the Inevitable, hoping to develop a way to stop the prophecy. But as the day proceeds, the infected are learning much faster and are catching up. Will they proceed or will the prophecy be fulfilled?

The Infection is caused by a strain of bacteria similar to that of Yersinia pestis. The infected are merciless, violent, sentient and somehow exhibit a sociopathic tendency. 

This story is inspired by the movie I am Legend, and the game Dying Light. But I added extra features to make it more of an original content.

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