I'm NOT Your Bae!

I'm NOT Your Bae!

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Zoelle Carter By ZoelleCookie Updated Jan 23, 2016

"Let me make this shit very clear. We might be soulmates through werewolf shit, but I am NOT yours and I am NOT your bae! Okay? I am NOT your bae! I have gone through too much bullshit with you for one day which I don't want to go through ever again."

Sometimes, their are things that just don't work together.
Like Coke and Mentos.
Business and pleasure.
Shoes and Socks.
And most DEFINITELY...  A pair of hot headed werewolves that include an arrogantly big headed Alpha and a independent black girl.

So when Shanté Thomas and Carter Jackson find out they are SOULMATES, what's going to happen? 
Grab on to your popcorn, ladies and gentlemen...

Because it's going down.

Is it weird that one of my friends' name is Jessie Stevenson
But u said u barged into something so u need to calm down and take several seats....
CummyPie CummyPie May 12
I wish you would. You'll be a dead son of a bitch today .🖕🏾
Ozrabbit Ozrabbit Jul 07
But then she was like I want some of your popcorn and I was like bitch nah
myname111 myname111 Jan 13
Only girls who feel self conscious say there independent and don't need no man, like bitch please , do you want to be by yourself for the rest of your life?
Lickmygummibears Lickmygummibears Apr 07, 2015
It's probably suppose to be socks and sandals because I wear shoes and socks all the time