Forced Vows

Forced Vows

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EnakaiGuy By Two-Bibliophiles Updated Nov 06, 2017

"I'm wondering...where you go if you don't have work" I said coldly.

"Why would you care?" he asked, his voice strained.

"Because I have the misfortune of being your wife" I said sweetly. He narrowed his eyes.

"Don't talk to me like that Hazel" he said quietly, stepping forward.

"Or what?" I asked "and I'm asking you a question"

"Be quiet,"

"Answer my question" I said calmly. He was quiet. "Where do you go? You clearly don't go to work"

"I do, actually" he growled "and I've told you not to use that tone on me"

"Don't lie to me" I said ignoring his comment.

"What's your problem anyway?" he asked, clenching his teeth.

"My problem is that you are disappearing every day and leaving me to talk to the walls in this stupid suite!" I yelled, my voice rising."Would you like it if I vanished every day for hours came back and didn't tell you where I went?" 

 Evelyn shot me an icier look.

"But you don't." He said icily. 

Hazel is happy, for once in her life. She is engaged to the person she loves and she's working on her biggest project yet- nothing can go wrong. 
Or can it? 
When Hazel finds out her fiancé is cheating on her, her world turns upside down. Then, to prevent her family from getting bankrupt, she is forced to marry a cold, ignorant man who seems to be married to his job. 
Evelyn is Hazel's worst nightmare. And to top it all of he doesn't want her to find out about his work. 

With all the problems brewing around her Hazel sets out to find out the truth for herself about a man she hates- but what she finds  makes her realize how little she knows about the man she has married.

WARNING: Hey new people. I'm just here to warn you that the first few chapters will be painful, cringeworthy and make you want to bash your face on every solid material in the world due to some conversations and grammatical errors. I am truly sorry. I promise you that it gets better. Please, hang on until the end. It will be hard. :,<

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CharlottesCookie CharlottesCookie Apr 12, 2017
I thought Evelyn was a mother in law name when I read the synopsis. I can never be more wrong
Darkynstars Darkynstars Sep 02, 2016
Evelyn? I know it can be unisex, but it just sounds so strange being used as a male's name.
Out_Spoken334 Out_Spoken334 Oct 25, 2015
Watch you fall in love with him. Y'all gon make cute babies. And I can be the aunt.
seungki1103 seungki1103 Jul 26, 2015
haven't read marriage by law,but your story sounds interesting from the prologoue,so I'm gonna give it a try!!
girls_and_probs girls_and_probs Jun 08, 2015
This book's backstory on hazel kinda sounds like "Marriage by Law"
PerfectlyMoonstruck PerfectlyMoonstruck Dec 11, 2014
@EnakaiGuy I have to ask how do you pronounce Evelyn O.O because I wanna make sure the way I'm pronouncing his name isn't wrong??? I pronounce it Eva-lin