Blood-lusting Villainess~

Blood-lusting Villainess~

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Ever since I had been born, I had been readied for extreme training and made to be the most untouchable assassin the underworld had ever seen. I was born to be made a monster. 

I still remember that faithful day.

"I, Eiko Harue, child of no equal, child of no mercy, pledge to be an assassin of the Blood Blossom Guild."

I was just as I said I was; a child with no equal and no mercy.

I had risen above the ranks to be one of the most powerful assassin the world had ever seen. People trembled in fear just at the mere mention of my name. I lived a life of bloodshed and blood-lust.

My hands were black and bloodied. My wings were chains. Have I even been born with wings? My halo was blackened and replaced with horns. I understood who I was. 
A demon.

Only one person understood me. Made me feel normal. One whom I trusted with my entire life. 

Aurora Silverblood. The name of my murderer. Envy and Jealousy blinded her. She is just the same as the dirt-faced pigs who yearn to be in my position. Did they think I did not work just as hard, even harder, than they could ever dream of? 

What did they think was the cost of power? 

I still remember my Sensei's words. 

Sow bountifully, and you will reap bountifully. Sow scarcely and you will reap scarcely. 

And so I had pushed my heart, soul, mind, and body to the limit. I had gone past the line of human resistance. I was what they had trained me to be. A monster. A demon. 

Blinded by rage, I brought Aurora Silverblood with me. Down to hell, there we would rot together. We had been through the worst, what more was eternal pain and suffering? 

But it seems the gods have other plan for me. 

Reincarnated as a conniving villainess, Ayame Yuna Emomoto. 

Had I been a fool? To trust? To love? Was this my punishment for loving her as a sister as much as I did myself? 

If I were to die here, would I be able to live alone, and ponder a lifetime worth of thoughts?

I was broken. A broken, lost demon.

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