Rival's ~NarukoxSasuke

Rival's ~NarukoxSasuke

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Your Cringey Author-Chan By Thatoneakwardfella Updated Dec 14, 2019


"Yes. You're mine. Not kiba's. Not Shikamru's. Not Chojis. Mine.


This is a story where Sasuke turns to like Naruko a bit faster then expected, but the protagonist being the protagonist, she's too dense to realise. Have fun ha. Sorry if some if the characters (Sasuke) are a little out of character, it was hard to fit him into this kind of story with his cold attitude towards everyone. He gets colder and a but more in character as he grows up though.

These characters in the story do NOT belong to me, they belong to Masashi Kishimoto. The story anyhow belongs to me. If Naruto did belong to me everything would be 10× gayer.

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It's my first Narufem×Sasu fanfic ever! Hope you enjoy!

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