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Neji's Sister

Neji's Sister

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mooonlightgaby By mooonlightgaby Completed

Neji's younger sister, Rin has never had a loving family like everyone else. With her father blaming her for her mother's death, Rin was ignored and never considered a Hyuga, it didn't help Rin also had another blood line trait. 
What will happen when Rin meets the Akatsuki? Will she side with them after all the pain the village hidden in the leaves has caused her? Or will she stay and help defeat the Akatsuki?

I'm sorry in advance if this story seems rushed in any way shape or form! I was 12/13 when I wrote this and I just wanted to get my thoughts down onto paper/wattpad! I thought to just warn you about this now! If I have any spare time in the future I will go through this and edit it so it doesn't seem so rushed!

No hate but its Shinigami which means god of death. *hides in box*
A mix of Sasori and Gaara. My two favorite red heads. I LIKE HER!
I like her already.. can I marry her? Please... even if I'm a girl I want to marry this person...
korean_sister korean_sister Jul 21, 2016
YAS IM A WOLF! Yasssss, sometimes i imagine myself in the plot line of Naruto and i have a wolf inside of me, so this is perfect
Icecream_And_Anxiety Icecream_And_Anxiety Apr 04, 2016
Actually, there is a Ten Tails, but there's not much detail on it :/
UnicornArmiPowah UnicornArmiPowah Oct 08, 2016
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Panda~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!